Essay The Effects Of Early College High Schools

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This is an annotated bibliography on the effects of the introduction of early college high schools into the United States school systems. I am researching how the early college high schools function and their overall impact on the American education.
DiMaria, Frank. "The Early College High School Initiative." The Education Digest, vol. 79, no. 1, Fall 2013, pp. 64-68.
In this volume of a journal published by Frank DiMaria, he explains the Early College High School Initiative from a Hispanic view. This article involves the description of the Early College High School Initiative, the results of this program, and the activities that are involved with the Early College program. The introduction Early College High Schools help the families that couldn’t otherwise send their children to college, and the ones who could, get two years of college courses, which are equal to an associates degree, tuition free alongside a regular high school diploma. These schools partner with a college in the district and half of the Early College schools are on a college campus. The results of these Early College Schools are that over 90% of the student body graduates with most earning the two years of college credit. Unfortunately, these schools do not involve activities such as sports or the regular extra curricular activities that normal high schools have. Some of the schools have clubs started by the specific early college, such as greenhouse club, debate team, and robotics club, and they also…

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