The Effects Of E Cigarettes Among Adolescents Essay

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What are the causes of increased use of e-cigarettes among adolescents?
Tobacco cigarettes are costly, addictive, and can cause many serious conditions, such as cancer, lung, and cardiac diseases. These diseases are not just dangerous for the users, but also for the person who inhales around them as called second hand smokers. Sadly, the price of a pack of cigarettes is increasing, yet people are still buying them. Although e-cigarettes have been patented since 1963, it became more popular in 2007 ( LaMotte, 2016). E-cigarettes are cheaper, well design in colorful and many different optional flavors which attract adolescent. People believe that e-cigarettes are safer because they are less toxic and more convenient compared to tobacco cigarettes; they have no effect on others. Recent studies show that there are tremendous increased of e-cigarettes users among adolescents. Despite many people use e-cigarettes for initiation to quit smoking, usage of e- cigarettes among adolescents open a new window to become tobacco smokers and parents’ education and e-cigarettes regulations are critical elements for prevention of e-cigarettes usage in adolescents.
Clarity of problem/issue/concern The United States government is concerned about the increasing number of adolescent using e-cigarettes. As per Center Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the number of the e-cigarettes users among middle and high school in 2013 has been more than tripled compared to 2011 (CDC, 2014,…

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