The Effects Of Dyslexia On Children With Dyslexia Essay

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In thinking about ways to help Martin, who is a 6 year old child with Dyslexia, three resources will be provided to demonstrate how to help Martin. Martin struggles with reading because he cannot match letters to sounds and blend them together to form words. So, he also has a problem with spelling words. This is very typical for an individual with Dyslexia. Medical New Today (Sep 9, 2014, para 1), defines Dyslexia as “a specific reading disability due to a defect in the brain 's processing of graphic symbols. It is a learning disability that alters the way the brain processes written material. It is typically characterized by difficulties in word recognition, spelling and decoding. People with dyslexia have problems with reading comprehension”. According to WebMD (March 4, 2015, Para. 6), “Scientists have also found specific brain differences involved in dyslexia. Brain images show that dyslexia results from certain structural differences in the brain, particularly in the left hemisphere. Brains of people with dyslexia show very little activity in areas known to be highly important in linking the written form of words with their phonetic components. So in order to read, people with dyslexia must develop alternative neurological pathways. They compensate by making more use of a front-brain section called Broca 's area, traditionally associated with other aspects of language processing and speech”. The majority of information regarding Dyslexia emphasizes that Dyslexia…

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