The Effects Of Drugs On The Human Body Essay examples

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More than 23 million young people over 12 years old are addicted to alcohol and drugs (Alcohol, Drugs and Youth). Drugs are even more harmful to youth because they are in stages of their development. Drugs have destructive impacts on the human body. It is believed that because drugs are expensive, drug users in poor countries will not be able to afford addictive drugs. Nevertheless, the young generation is addicted to both legal and illegal drugs in the countries of poverty, because young people are the intended market of drug trafficking and succumb to stress. Lack of public security leads young people to be addicted to drugs. In countries of poverty, lack of security is a long-lasting common problem. Because some poor countries have corrupt governments and some might be in a tense situation, wars will happen at anytime. Laos, a Southeast Asian country shares a border with China. In Laos, smuggling drugs is very popular due to the lack of security (Lloyd). Germinating the seeds of drugs is easier in the country, since fewer people are in charge of public security (Lloyd). Laos is one of the poorest countries in East Asia; therefore people are eager to get wealthy. By smuggling drugs, it is easier for people to earn a lot of money. With the effortless access to drugs, young people are easily addicted. Lack of public security also leads to drug trafficking in poor countries. In Brunei Darussalam which is located in South East Asia, youth are the major target for drug…

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