Essay on The Effects Of Driving On Your Phone While Driving

1834 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 null Page
Imagine it’s a Friday night and your school won a football game that was highly anticipated. You’re in the in the backseat of car going out to celebrate and your having a blast with your friends. The driver gets a text message and everybody hears it. All your friends know that being on your phone while driving is dangerous and has costly affects but you think it will never happen to you. The next second, you hear a horn from another car and screams coming from your friends. You wake up laying on the grass next to the flipped car. You see your two best friends on the road covered in blood and dead. The other people are trapped in the cars screaming and crying for help. You think to yourself what happened? Then you remember the driver looking down at his phone and swerving into another car. You thought this would never happen to you but you were wrong. Being on the phone while driving can cause an accident in a spilt second. Did you know the nation logs in about 6 million car crashes and AAA estimates half of them are caused by using a cell phone? (McClathy Dynes) Using your phone while driving is a danger to yourself and to other people on the road. Even when drivers use a hands-free cell phone, the driver can develop a dangerous form of tunnel vision called inattention blindness. Inattention blindness slows the driver’s reaction time by 20 percent and some drivers missed half the red lights in a research (“Distracted driving: Cell phones and texting”) The country needs to…

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