The Effects Of Drinking Bottled Water On The Human Body Needs

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Water parks, water slides, and water fights! Being at Splash Valley can be a blast; having a neighborhood water fight can be more fun than Splash Valley. But one thing that is not fun is finding out that bottled water can be contaminated. Water is essentially the most important substance the human body needs. Approximately 3.9 trillion gallons of water are consumed in the U.S. per month (Water). Some of this water is also bottled water, which is foreseen as the healthier way to go compared to tap water. However, while drinking bottled water might seem healthier, studies have shown that the U.S. FDA regulations allow some contamination of fecal material and E. Coli in the water bottles (Filters). Plastic water bottles are easy to carry around and easy to store so many athletes choose water bottles over tap water. They also depend on the water bottles to give them the hydration they need to keep active. Sports such as basketball, soccer, and even football require rigorous exercise. Athletes need time to hydrate and cool down to keep up with the exercise regimen. But, they can also be unintentionally harming their bodies. There are different advertisements that showcase celebrities posing with water bottles such as SmartWater and Dasani. This alone compels more people to buy the product. But what the advertisers do not say is that the water is not actually what they think it is. Studies have shown that most bottled water is actually 40% tap water (Mercola). So even if athletes…

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