Essay on The Effects Of Drinking Alcohol On The Body

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Driving after drinking alcoholic substances leads to entirely avoidable accidents. Various types of people break the law for different reasons. Driving under the influence endangers not only the driver and passengers, but also anyone else they may encounter on the road.
Drinking has many effects on the body. A drinker’s reaction time and reflexes are slowed down. Concentration is more difficult to maintain and drinking can cause drowsiness. , Drinking can affect motor skills and reduce a person’s ability to coordinate between their eyes, hands and feet. Despite all the changes a drinker may have their judgement impaired, causing drivers to think they’re driving normally. “Alcohol can hinder the ability to make rational decisions” (Drunk Driving).
Alcohol affects drinkers both physically and mentally. Various factors that influence a drinker’s level of impairment include the amount of alcohol consumed, how much food was eaten prior to or during consumption of alcohol, the duration of consumption, body weight and gender. Because the average adult male is composed of more fluid than the average female, alcohol dilutes less in females and women are likely to become intoxicated faster.
Drinking and driving can lead to a lot of trouble with the law. The best case scenario for someone driving under the influence is to be noticed by police before an accident occurs and either get a DWI or a DUI. Getting into accidents leads to bigger troubles for the drunk drivers.

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