The Effects Of Drinking Age On The Age Of Age Essay

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At what age is a person considered to be an adult? The age of eighteen usually represents adulthood. However, the drinking age is twenty- one due to the Mothers Against Drunk Driving group. “In 1984, Congress passed the Uniform Drinking Age Act, which required states to have a minimum drinking age of 21 for all types of alcohol consumption if they wanted to receive federal highway monies” (Main). This causing the states to be persuaded into changing their drinking age. Because of drunk driving, which can happen at any age, the drinking age was raised from eighteen to twenty- one. Therefore, the drinking age should be lowered back to eighteen. At the age of eighteen people may enter the armed forces, vote for political leaders, pay taxes, operate a vehicle, and marry, but not have a drink. With regards to the age of eighteen a person may enter the armed forces. Entering any branch of the military a person is putting their life on the line for the freedom of our country. A person who is eighteen cannot be responsible enough to handle alcohol, but is mature enough to choose to risk their lives for the freedom of others. “If we trust a young man or woman to make a decision to take a life, I see no reason why we cannot trust them to have a drink” (Kolupanowich). Depending where a person is stationed they may have an alcoholic beverage, but as soon as they return home they would not be able to. If someone in the military can take a life and risk theirs they should be allowed to…

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