The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Women Essay

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The purpose of the film “Sin by Silence” is to show the effects domestic violence has on women. Its main focus is helping educate everyone about the dangers of domestic violence, hoping to find more ways to protect and help women of domestic violence. Today women who are experiencing domestic violence might watch this film and seek help because of the stories of these women and their motivation for others get help. Also today there are many abuse shelters and mandatory arrest laws put in place because of domestic violence, many things like this were not around when the women in the film were experiencing their abuse.

In the Pollock’s reading a violent woman is described as being worse criminal to their male counterparts, such as viewing women criminals as serial killers, gang-girls, or monsters (Pollock, 2014, p.14-15). Todays media views female criminals in a similar light making them seem more dangerous than men criminals. Todays media also takes race and class into consideration when talking about criminals. In an article it states that both female and male African-Americans make up the majority of the prison population, attaching a stigma to them. However only one woman in the film was an African-American, LaVelma, she has no prior criminal record and was very involved in the church. Also the idea of class comes into play, many women who are seen as violent criminals come from a low SES (CITE). However none of these characteristics really…

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