The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Society And Homes Essay

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In November 2014, authorities found a little girl known as L.P. in a furnace closet in T.B Watkins apartments in Kansas City, Missouri. L.P only had the knowledge of a kindergartener and weighed only thirty-two pounds at the age of ten. She also suffered from “multiple healing skin injuries and failure to thrive” (Lee). Missouri Children’s Division “received a hotline call explaining a girl who was locked up and unable to eat or use the restroom” (Lee). As a result, the court charged the mother, Jacole Prince, with “assault in the first degree, and child abuse” (Lee). This is a prime example as to the way domestic violence plays a major role in society and homes. Different aspects of domestic violence have occurred on an on-going basis throughout history, regardless of geographic or socioeconomic status, and it seems it will continue to do so regardless of its negative connotation.
There are many different forms of domestic violence physical, verbal, emotional, sexual, etc. In most cases, it has to deal with one person having power over the other. Once the abuser hurts the victim in some way making them feel less about themselves or weak, he or she advances with more control over that person. One type of abuse is verbal abuse. Verbal abuse can “control, mock, embarrass, threaten, and upset the victim” (Miles 8). The constant threats, yelling, and swearing is what upsets the victim and makes them feel less of a person. “An eight– year old girl remembers threats: “He (father)…

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