Essay on The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children

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Domestic violence is frequently occurring in modern society and research suggests that a considerable number of people become victims of abuse. Historically it was not even considered to be a problem that needed remedying, past opinions on the issue were vastly different from beliefs today. 2700 years ago in Roman times, it was commonly thought that violence against women was acceptable as the law of chastisement permitted this behaviour. In the 1800’s people began to realise that the use of violence against a partner was immoral, this was acknowledged in early case law and then subsequently developed and codified into new statute legislation. This law enabled a woman to separate from her husband if he behaved in a way that amounted to abusive conduct. This was the first legal initiative that gave women protection against violence. Over time, it has become apparent that domestic violence has developed into a serious problem as statistics have shown an increasing number of individuals reporting abuse. Subsequent Laws have been created but they haven’t always provided effective protection for victims, often legal loopholes have been found resulting in perpetrators escaping punishment. However, the law is constantly improving and has evolved in accordance with changes in society 's beliefs and developments within the economy. Consequently, it is now common knowledge that domestic violence is a punishable offence that people need protection from. This project will focus on the…

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