The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children Essays

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My topic encompasses the negative effects that are experienced by children who witness domestic violence within their homes. Many choose to believe that domestic violence only affects those involve but that is not true, at all. In the process of my research, it was shocking to discover that many professional such as child and youth workers were ineffective in assisting this population. In my personal opinion, I felt this was an interesting topic to discuss and research.
Firstly, there has been a notably increase of aggressive behaviors among school children.
Secondly, this could possibly explain the low academic performance of many children and the disinterest in school task. Thirdly, I wanted to diligently seek out the possibly interventions that were being implemented today and its effectiveness. It’s important to know that children are affected differently than adults, as it relates to domestic violence. There are many sign to look for but it’s important to know them, in order, to identify a child whom is affected by the home environment. Children who are exposed to domestic violence can be affected emotionally, psychologically, and physically. In fact, the majority of families in the general population who are affected by domestic violence do not receive clinical services. In addition, many children adversely affected and exposed to domestic violence will not receive needed therapeutic services. There are great benefits for clients who receive…

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