The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children Essay

1994 Words May 2nd, 2016 null Page
Around 2-4 million American women are victims of abuse each year, according to the domestic violence center (cite). These women come from all different backgrounds. The consequences of violence include acute trauma, poor health, and compromised functioning (McFarlane, Nava, Gilroy, & Maddoux, 2015). Many of the victims of domestic violence find themselves fearful and confused from their circumstances. Each year around 4,000 women die due to domestic violence, according to the domestic violence abuse shelter online site (cite). When a woman leaves a domestic violence situation she much more likely to be killed than she is to stay in this situation (find source). This is extremely problematic, because women have a hard time leaving anyway, and when they actually do leave the domestic violence they are experiencing get’s worse. Some of the things the abuser will do include: Stalking her, using children to manipulate her, threaten her, or even kill her. *find source on this. For a victim, they have to take a lot of steps to leave the abusive relationship, such as going to shelters, hiding in fear, obtaining a protective order, becoming financially dependent, and much more. There are several laws and policies currently in place, as well as a variety of different domestic violence organizations, but it is still very problematic when it comes to leaving the abusive relationship. It a takes a female around 7 times on average to leave an abusive relationship. So if a female leave…

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