The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children Essay

1706 Words Mar 21st, 2016 7 Pages
Information Technology 150G Abusive behavior at home is regularly connected with abuse of females. There are distinctive types of aggressive behavior at home that influence men, women, and children. The mistreatment that happens in various structures including physical, emotional, and mental. There are various instances of abusive behavior every year with individuals being abusive toward their loved one, accomplice or their relatives. There are diverse associations, shelters, and help lines accessible to domestically abused victims that can offer support. Researching the effects of domestic violence has been challenging yet conquering. The motivation to research such an emotional topic stems from my own personal experiences. I have been a victim of domestic abuse by a significant other. It’s great comparing my trials and tribulations to others. I want to lend a supporting hand to the individuals standing in the shoes I once were in. Physical mistreatment is the most conspicuous type of abusive behavior. It includes the utilization of power against the casualty, bringing on damage. For example, a punch, wounding, shooting, gagging, constraining, and so forth. The injury to the victim does not always have to be major. Sexual abuse is undesirable sexual action, with culprits utilizing power, making dangers or exploiting victims not ready to give assent. Most casualties and culprits know each other. Quick…

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