The Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children Essays

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For the past 17 years my “father” has terrorized me without lifting a finger. He has yelled, threatened, and thrown various items at me and my mom. Every day when I go to school my peers do not see any physical bruises or scars, so they believe everything is hunky-dory, but what they do not see is the mental fatigue that I endure at home and the stress it takes to pretend like nothing is wrong. It is hard enough to struggle with the pain of living with my “father,” but it is even tougher to witness my mother, who preaches the signs of abusive relationships with her organization, experience the same brutality, but believe everything is normal. Domestic violence is not limited to physical harm, and people must be aware that the relationship they are in is not healthy and normal. A major problem in today’s society is that people are convinced that abuse is only physical and will not attempt to flee their mentally abusive relationship. According to Theresa’s Fund, domestic violence is defined as any abusive behavior that is used to gain or maintain power over the other partner in a relationship. Therefore, not all abusive relationships have to be physically violent. For example, verbal, emotional, sexual, and economic abuse in a relationship are considered as domestic violence (Domestic Shelters).According to a survey of physically abused women, 72% said the emotional abuse was more severe than the physical abuse they suffered and 42% of physically abused women believe…

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