Domestic Violence In Relationships

Domestic Violence

All relationships are built on a foundation of trust , honesty and most importantly, love. Unfortunately, love is not the foundation for every relationship, and it does not always help couples overcome all obstacles they may face along the road. What was once a fairytale now becomes a global epidemic when one in every four women are abused by their partner, and it is called, domestic violence (“Domestic Violence”). Although domestic violence in a relationship negatively affects one’s health, children and even their freedom, but many decide to stay in an abusive relationship. Women in general who are in love are willing to do whatever it takes to maintain a relationship with their partner even if it is getting beat or abused
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Domestic violence can occur in many different forms. Regardless of physical, emotional or psychological and these behaviors are used to gain control or exert power over the partner. Certainly, abuse may worsen over time when the abuser’s physical attack can range from bruising to murder as a result of more frequent and serious attacks. Between two and four million women are physically abused each year in the United States and of these, 2,000 women die of the injuries they suffer (“Women”). These physical attacks often include hitting, slapping, punching, kicking and strangulation. The abuser may use weapons, including improvised objects such as a lamp, string or anything that are in their sight. The abusers’ mental and psychological violence may include anything that impacts the mental health and well being of their partner. Mainly, name calling, insults and putdowns usually blaming the victims for everything. Above all, there is no way to describe about the humiliation, shaming and intimidation that the victims may feel. As a result of all these damages, the effects of it on the mental health is indescribable. Victims of an abusive relationship often have high rates of depression, sleep disturbances, and anxiety. They can not control their emotions that they have keep deeply in their heart. Perhaps, that is why many victims often have flashbacks on the incidents that happened to them and other emotional distress. Abuse can …show more content…
It may seem like the simplest solution is just to leave, but victims who are trapped in this situation will say that it is not simple as it sounds. Victims of domestic violence have a difficult time accepting that they are abused by their partner. Those who stay in the abusive relationship do because of society’s negative judgements and the need for partnership. Victims who cannot leave are afraid of their partners’ actions, the partner may take the children and disappear or hunt the victims down. The effects of abuse may make it difficult to leave because they are used to life being this way, and have been brainwashed. They may think that they are worthless and does not deserve better. Victims are unable to make decisions for themselves because everything was forced onto them. Many victims are economically dependent on their partner, because they partner has money or have a disability and can not go to work. Undoubtedly, some are deeply attached to their partner and hope for change. They believe and trust their partner’s words, such as promises that they will go through therapy and that they won’t do it again. The culture, religion and marriage vows may force the victims to think again what they should do. Above all, the victims’ concerns about their children. Many think that their children may blame and resent them and feel the need that their children need a father; a real family. They are

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