Domestic Violence Against Women: A Case Study

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Being in a relationship with a loved one is supposed to bring happiness to each partner involved. Unfortunately, not all couples fit that ideal, as some revolve around violence instead of affection. Shockingly, as many as 1 in 3 women worldwide will be victims of intimate partner violence in their lifetimes (The Advocates for Human Rights, 2013, para. 2). Considering the prevalence of this type of abuse, it is not a subject to be taken lightly. If more awareness is brought to the issue, perhaps the rate of violence would decrease with time. Therefore, understanding its occurrence is the first step towards its prevention. The circumstances under which domestic abuse against women occurs most frequently, the reasons behind its occurrence, as well as its effect on the victims need to be thoroughly understood. There are different points of view which can be used to achieve this comprehension, such as the psychological, economic, and sociological perspectives on domestic violence. A couple’s financial health happens to be another important predictor of abuse. When the members of a household struggle to cover their living …show more content…
She will have more influence when it comes to decision making, and her threshold of abuse will be lowered. The abuser knows that she may leave him if he does not lower the severity of inflicted violence. Thus, if she stays with her abuser, the level of violence in the relationship will decrease. Nevertheless, there is still a higher chance that the woman will leave the abusive relationship when her income increases (Farmer & Tiefenthaler, 1997, p. 338). This shows that income inequality may be a factor in the prevalence and severity of domestic violence. This is a key in understanding how the rate of domestic violence can be reduced. However, even if a woman is able to leave her abuser, she may want to stay with her abuser in order to protect and preserve her family

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