The Effects Of Divorce On Children 's Life Essay

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The effects of divorce on children is indeed a stressful journey. It is difficult for those who have to go through a divorce experience. They go through so much complications and it is even more difficult for their children who have to watch their parents go through it. Once you get a divorce, it is as if you are breaking the family apart. The basics of divorce is a long process that involves taking it to the court, leaving your spouse or family, and just having it affect everyone. Today’s divorce is a no-fault style. It does not matter if one committed adultery because it is no one’s fault for the divorce. “No-fault divorce law went into effect in California, New York … Allowing people to end a marriage without having to establish that their spouse was at fault” (Coontz, Divorce No-Fault Style). Aside from that, children go through issues before the divorce settlement. The parents are not the only ones stressing out and going through an emotional ride for the process of the divorce, it is the children who have to endure through the situation too.
Every day a child goes through attachment, separation, and anxiety suffering from the stress of what their parents are going through. Each process of the divorce is different depending on the age of the child. Some children can handle it better and some cannot. No one can truly understand divorce unless they are experiencing it or had experienced it. Growing up, I have seen many of my friends and family members struggle with…

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