The Effects Of Divorce On Children And Teens Essay

1982 Words Oct 30th, 2015 8 Pages
Divorce is a very common occurrence in the United States, because it affects multiple children and teens throughout their everyday life. Imagine one day your parents come to talk to you and they said that they were splinting up. Just imagine all the feelings you would be feeling at that very moment. At that very moment your life has changed forever and it will never go back to the same. This happens to many teens and children on a daily basis. Children with divorced parents usually have a more difficult time academically, struggle mentally, physically, behaviorally, and may have a lot of problems with their parents than children with married parents. Students that have divorced parents have a more difficult time in school. There are multiple studies that show that children with divorced parents usually got lower grades in school than students with non divorced parents (Parker). A reasoning for this is because children with divorced parents usually have to go from house to house, which can make it very difficult to study and do their homework on time. Another study showed that students with divorced parents do not participate in the classroom as much as students with intact families (Fagen). If students are not participating in school then it makes it very difficult for them to do well in school, because they do not get the pratice that comes with particparing. This can lead to making the students have a more difficult time going to the college that they want to go to.…

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