Essay on The Effects Of Divorce On Children And Children

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Divorce is an everyday struggle that adults deal with but do people ever look at the effects that it will have on a child or the children involved? Children affected by Divorce react in many ways depending on their age group. For example, toddlers are more confused about divorce due to their limited cognitive ability and are vulnerable to developing emotional problems in the future. Children between the age groups 6 and 12 there will be a negative impact on their education. In this age group children tend to have magical thinking and wish for their parents to get back to together. Also, children may feel more responsible for their parents divorce and see it as their responsibility to reconcile the Divorce. Children 12 and up see the struggle of the parents ' depression, financial changes and etc. causing a child, to show symptoms of depression, rebel, or change their eating and sleeping habits. As a parent, though what can you do to lessen these effects to where your child is in a better head space in general.
You can take an active role to diminish the pain of a Divorce for a child and ease them into the changes that will occur. When going through a Divorce as well, you have to understand children are affected by nurture “environmental influences that shape behavior” (p. 8) The ways you can make sure you are nurturing and easing your child 's pain you can follow these few key methods referred to by Doskow (2015) , you should:
Process, don 't vent. You don 't have to hide…

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