The Effects Of Divorce On Children And Adolescents Essay

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“To be free of suffering, is to understand the cause of suffering” The Buddha. Divorce brings about massive change to a child’s life. Seeing their parents love dissipate in front of their eyes could create many long-term or short-term issues. During and after a divorce, life completely alters from before; These situations greatly affect children and adolescents, socially and emotionally, responding and behaving in various manners to their parents divorce. Adolescents from the age five - nine are more likely to be influenced by their parents divorce; seeing and feeling their world fall apart. Adolescents may tend to have a particular parents to which they prefer, and the divorce may result in the child grieving the absence of that parent. Due to this, adolescents are more inclined to act out towards their parents; Anger issues and behavioral issues manifest. They become rebellious towards their parents or become depressed, which results in sleeplessness. Time is also an insecurity, when spending birthdays or holidays without the other parent. and not being able to tell when they will arrive or if they will even show up. Adolescents feel as though they have to “choose” between their parents; determining which parent they will spend time with, neglecting the other. “Being a kid, seeing your parents break up is the worst thing in the world” Lorenzo Samaniego. Lorenzo, my half-brother, disdained his parents divorce. He was forced to harness independence because he ended up with…

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