The Effects Of Deforestation On The Environment Essay

1050 Words Nov 24th, 2015 null Page
There are many cause for deforestation but some of the more common reasons are making room or space for growing cities, housing, and urbanization, to harvest timber or trees to create items for sale such as paper, furniture, and homes, to create and manufacture products that are highly prized as consumer items for sale, for example oil from palm trees, and room and space for cattle ranching or for agricultural purposes. According to the World Wildlife organization more than half of the trees from the forest are illegally removed from the forest to be reproduced as fuel. There are two common methods to cut down thriving forest which is burning and clearcutting and both methods are disputed practices and can leave the land barren. Method one of deforestation is clear cutting, where large areas of forests are cut down all at once, while method two is burning, which is done quickly with the slash-and-burn-technique, which is when a forest is cut down and is burned, then farmers grow crops on the land because the ashes of the forest provides nutrients for the crops. When all of the nutrients from the soil are used and weeds begin to sprout again over years of use, farmers would move on to a new area of land and begin the process again. Deforestation can cause an increase in erosion in forest-free areas as there are no tree roots to hold the soil together. Erosion is not a good thing because it can cause the land to be barren and deforestation is helping erosion occur even…

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