The Effects Of Dance And Music On The People Essay examples

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Have you ever been asked where your top travel destination is? If you were to ask me that I would say either Fiji or Tahiti. I have always been fascinated with the blue oceans, sandy beaches, and relaxed culture. All cultures are affected by multiple concepts, the Fijian culture is greatly impacted by dance and music, by the specifics of the Meke, and by the movement of the Meke.
In Fiji, the impact of dance and music is tremendous on the people. “A community whose very culture is grounded in communal values seems to be an ideal ground for the development of expertise in part-singing [and dancing] (Russell).” From living in a small town my whole life, I can image how this small islands culture and community is. The community of individuals are those who you look toward for guidance and help with anything. To have singing and dancing such a big aspect is just like having a community party. In Fiji, they have the people around them and not anyone until you reach the nearest island. So, when they all meet that is a joyous and memorable time. The performers are not taught in any school to be professionals, the adult villagers rehearse and perform the Meke while others watch (Russell). This is very interesting to me, watching videos about the Meke you would think they had years of training with a professional. Instead they are taught by the generations before them as they grew up. This art form of singing or dancing can be found all over Fiji. “To be a performer in Meke is to…

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