The Effects Of Cyber Harassment On A Student Or Any Individual Causes Significant Emotional And Psychological Distress

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Lauren Powell- Responds (Call to Action) to cyberbullying and harassment
The impact of cyber harassment has on a student or any individual causes significant emotional and psychological distress. Just like any other victim of bullying, cyberbullied kids experience feelings of anxiety, fear, and depression. This lowers the individual 's self-esteem. But targets of cyberbullying also suffer from unique consequences and negative feelings. Being targeted by cyberbullies is crushing especially if a lot of kids are participating in the bullying. Sometimes the stress of dealing with cyberbullying can cause kids to feel like the situation is more than they can handle. Victims of cyberbullying often find it hard to feel safe in any environment. Typically, this is because the bullying can invade their home through a computer or cell phone at any time throughout the day. A sad case that relates to this is the Megan Meier case. Megan struggled with attention deficit disorder and depression in addition to issues with her weight. About five weeks before her death, a 16-year-old boy named Josh Evans asked Megan to be friends on a social networking website MySpace. The two began communicating online regularly, although they never met in person or spoke on the phone. “Megan had a lifelong struggle with weight and self-esteem,” says Tina, Megan’s mom,” And now she finally had a boy who she thought really thought she was pretty.” In mid- October, Josh began saying he did not want to be friends…

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