Essay about The Effects Of Cyber Bullying On Children

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Samantha Brennan
November 25, 2014
Professor Rinaldo

“The Effects of Cyber Bullying”

Cyber bullying is a common occurrence in today’s society. It can be interpreted as either sending mean or threatening texts or picture messages, spreading hurtful information about another person using your phone or computer, or even pretending to be someone else online to hurt someone. Kids and teenagers cyber bully because they want one of many things. These wants they strive for are peer acceptance, revenge, to show dominance, and sometimes they are just looking for attention (Sanders). The mark that cyber bullying leaves on its victims can range anywhere from unhappiness to suicide. With the dangers of he world increasing, it is important that we take precaution with the things that could be prevented. As time progresses and technology advances there is a direct relationship between such and cyber bullying. We live in a world where the intellects of children are an all time high. When combining that with the availability of technology we are setting a dangerous plane for today’s youth. While it is easy to speak your piece behind the screen of a computer, what is not as simple is realizing the countless effects of cyber bullying.
The first two effects of cyber bullying are feelings of unhappiness or disinterest in life and disinterest in school. The feeling of unhappiness or disinterest with life is an effect that commonly all victims will begin to feel from the smallest…

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