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Since the beginning of the industrial era carbon dioxide or CO2, concentrations have been dramatically increasing. Today we are facing the highest amounts of CO2 in our atmosphere and in our oceans in over 650,000 years. There are a great deal of effects increased CO2 concentrations will have on this planet. When the ocean absorbs CO2 chemical reactions occur that eventually reduces their pH, carbonate ion concentration, and saturation states of important calcium carbonate minerals. This is known as ocean acidification and with the altering of saturation states coral reefs around the world have suffered a great impact because of this. The ocean is one of the largest natural reservoirs and absorbs one third of the excess CO2 that is directly created from human activities. Coral reefs take up a small percent of the oceans but harbors millions of different species. Coral reefs also provide ecosystem goods and services to 450 million people that live near them. Research is still being done today by monitoring pH levels in the ocean, observing aragonite upwelling on continental shelves, and following CO2 emissions. Carbon dioxide can create several different ions and alter atmospheres in many different ways.

When CO2 is discharged it can be absorbed by plants or oceans, or it is released into our atmosphere. When CO2 is absorbed into the ocean it reacts with water and through additional chemical reactions bicarbonates are formed. These bicarbonates contribute to the altering of the ocean’s pH by disrupting saturation of several calcium
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This will have a greatly negative impact on our lives as we know it. Our main source of protein comes from fish that live in these ecosystems; we will miss out on the majesties of these coral reefs and be left with nothing but unsightly rock. In the next decade, more needs to done to reduce the emissions of CO2 if we want to save our coral reefs and our

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