Essay about The Effects Of Condom Availability Programs On Children

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The Effects of Condom Availability Programs Sex education has been very controversial over the past several years, and one of the major questions is whether teachers should be informing kids about safe sex or abstinence. This point prompted research and studies that shed some light on abstinence programs and how influential they claim to be. The outcome is shocking. More students in abstinence-only programs become pregnant than students who are taught safe sex. This statistic is growing and it brings an even larger question into play — should young teens be offered condoms in school health programs? All across the United States this argument is taking place, and the sides are about even. Some high schools, and even a few junior highs, are working to get their schools to offer condoms to students who are not wanting to abstain until marriage. A study done by Family Planning Perspectives in 1998 observed and surveyed the results of a condom availability program in a high school. The studies showed that not only did the students who engaged in sexual intercourse use the condoms that were readily available, but the students who claimed to be inactive did not use them and remained abstinent (Schuster,1998). This is key because more students who were already sexually active were more protected, and others were not influenced or encouraged to have sex. Condoms prevent pregnancy and the number of pregnant high school students is increasing. The number one reason female teens…

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