The Effects Of Concussions On Young Athletes Essay

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Section: Introduction
The game of football has been a major part of American culture since its establishment in 1869 when the first game of college football was played (Birth of Pro Football). However, in addition to the fun and excitement of football, there is a far more dangerous and even deadly aspect of the popular sport. Concussions are a danger that all young athletes are aware of, or have at least heard of. Regardless, the issue of concussions is accompanied by a wealth of startling and disturbing statistics. Over a one year span, there had been 3,800,000 reported concussions in the United States; high school athletes playing football account for 47 percent of the 3,800,000. Sadly, over 100 players have died on the football field from head related injuries. Concussions are clearly a common injury, regardless, statistics show it is also an injury that claims the lives of young, promising athletes. This is an issue that directly applies to this generation of young adults. Concussions in young athletes can possibly leave the future of football players with lasting complications and create a damaging stigma against football as a sport in general.
Section: Context
Unfortunately, the high numbers of traumatic brain injuries being reported shows that not much is being done to prevent them in sports. This is concerning because concussions are a gateway to a variety of other health issues such as memory loss, mental illness, Alzheimer’s disease, and neurodegenerative…

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