Essay on The Effects Of Concussions On The Football Player

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The tragedy of a man who attempted to brush his teeth with a razor. This sounds like a shocking headline in a newspaper, but it almost happened to a former NFL football player, Dave Kocourek (Segura). During a professional football game, many players are at risk for suffering concussions. Repeated blows to the head and violent contacts can lead to severe brain damage, which might cause chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Some solutions that can decrease the risks of brain injuries are to improve helmets, provide more information about the risks of injuries, change rules for kickoff, change the three-point stance, update the contracts, and offer insurance for retired players.
The brutal nature of football is the main reason for head injuries in most NFL players. Kevin Seifert states, “Diagnosed concussions went up significantly from 206 in 2014 to 271 in 2015.” This change is both positive and negative. The positive outcome is more players are aware to report their symptoms, but the negative outcome is their safety is at risk. In addition, the statistics also show that “Of the 271 concussions in 2015, 234 occurred in games and 37 in practice”, where contact with another helmet, contact with the playing surface, and shoulder contact are the most common causes for concussions (Seifert). Therefore, the league should pay more attention to concussions in games as well as in practices. Without a doubt, injuries in football are unavoidable, but the NFL can regulate the protocols…

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