The Effects Of Concussions On The Brain Injuries Essay

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“It is only recently that we have understood traumatic brain injuries, the helmets that we are using today were not designed to protect the brain, they are designed to protect the skull fracture”(University Study). People everywhere around the world are receiving concussions everyday for everyday activities or participating in a sport. A concussion is a temporary unconsciousness caused by a blow to the head. The term is also used loosely of the aftereffects such as confusion or temporary incapacity. The best way to describe a concussion is like Jell-O, you bang it and the Jell-O wiggles away, it is not smashing against the side of the skull but either chemically or receptor wise, things start falling out of place(Guy Gugliotta). Even Though every National Football League or NFL player knows going into the season or game they can get a concussion at any moment in time, the NFL should look more into protecting their players better because the number of days spent off the field after a concussion is not enough and the NFL needs safer equipment to protect them. Every NFL player knows going into the season or a game that they can get a concussion. There were one thousand four hundred and seventy-two players in the NFL during the 2015-2016 season. Of those players, two hundred and seventy-one players received a concussion, that is eighteen percent of the NFL getting a concussion. Oakland Raiders linebacker
Isaiah Ekejiuba says "You can not worry about it, because when you…

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