The Effects Of Concussions On Sports And Sports Essay

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As Bentz stated in his article “Concussion in American Football and Sports,” “Education of the medical community is necessary to enhance identification and management of concussion, along with public education for coaches, players and parents.” It is wise to get more knowledge about concussions in the sports field so players would not go back onto the field with a concussed brain. It is easier now to spot a concussion now than it was 20-40 years ago. It is better to have not only a coach that knows about a concussion but also a parent who does. What if a player gets a concussion after the game and that player does not talk to the coach at all after the game? The parent is the only person that the player will see, so it would be wise if that parent would be able to spot that players condition under which the brain has been in. The National Football League has done all the organization can to help reduce the amount of concussions per season. It is not all about the helmets in this case, although helmets have a great deal of matter when it comes to a head injury. Bentz said “Core strengthening and neck strengthening programs are beneficial in decreasing head acceleration associated with head impact” ( Bentz) the player has to be physically prepared to take on a hit in the NFL. If a player is five feet and four inches weighing at one hundred and fifty pounds, there is a high risk of that player getting hurt going against a full grown man. In the early years in football up…

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