Europeans Effect On American Culture Essay

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When colonizing a country, lots of things change. Things like accents, languages, and terms of talking. The Europeans took away everything from the first nations and changed a variety of things. Everyone is talking about all the changes that the Europeans have brought to America with them, but forget to mention the different languages, accents and many other things that were introduced to the native people. Diseases were also brought to the new world by the Europeans, These things affected their everyday lives and how they live. The effects of the Europeans remain till that day. The Europeans came to the new world and introduced a new language. This new language was English. Christopher Columbus came to the Americas assuming It was India. When …show more content…
The Europeans got seeds from Europe and grew them in the new world. The new world started to be more like Europe which caused everything else to change. As if the Europeans changed almost everything, the identity of the First Nations and their culture slipped away and is kind of forgotten. Other than taking the First Nations culture away, a bigger part was land. The Europeans started to take away their land and sent them to the North. They basically took away their property! The land was one of the big things that the First Nations owned and they just stole it away from them. The Europeans did not even care about the consequences that were going to happen. They made the Natives live in fear and misery. Not only that, but they also tried to change their beliefs in a very bad way. In my opinion, I think that no matter what happens, no one should try to change what others believe in. There is this verse in the Quran that talks about how religion should not be forced against someone's will. Everyone has the right to believe in whatever they want. “Oh, you who disbelieve! I do not worship that which you worship, Nor do you worship that Which I

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