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The Effects of Cohabitation on Todays Society
Erin Bedard

Cohabitation is replacing marriage as the first living together experience for young men and women. When blushing brides walk down the aisle at the beginning of the new millennium, well over half have already lived together with a boyfriend.
For today’s young adults, the first generation to come of age during the divorce revolution, living together seems like a good way to achieve some of the benefits of marriage and avoid the risk of divorce. Couples who live together can share expenses and learn more about each other. They can find out if their partner has what it takes to be married. If things don’t work out, breaking up is easy to do. Cohabiting couples do not have to seek
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"The increase in common-law relationships suggests greater social acceptance of this family structure, as well as a desire to be part of a couple, but perhaps with fewer perceived emotional or financial obligations than those generally associated with marriage," said Statistics Canada. The census also shows that most same-sex couples elected to live in common-law relationships instead of rushing to marry when it became legal between 2003 and 2005, depending on the province.
There was a 33 per cent hike in the number of same-sex couples who reported to Statistics Canada, up from 34,200 in 2001 to 45,300 in 2006. They comprise only 0.6 per cent of Canadian couples Those who cohabit more than once have a divorce rate twice that of those who cohabit only with their fiance. Those who cohabit report a lower marital satisfaction rate and a higher behavioral problem rate. They experience more fights and more violence. People who abstain from sex before marriage report a higher rate of sexual satisfaction, including number of orgasms among women, than those who do not.
Children who live with cohabiting parents are 20 - 33 times more likely to be abused. Studies have shown that 11 percent more women who are in cohabiting relationships report physical abuse than those women who are in married relationships. Moreover, couples who cohabit experience more infidelity. Education also plays a huge part in cohabitation.

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