The Effects Of Cocain And Opioid Drugs

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In the United States there is an old and relentlessly growing problem. The distribution and usage of heroin and other opioid drugs has put the nation in a disturbing state of alarm dues to the rapid and growing death rate does to overdose of the drug. Cocaine is popularly thought to be the leading cause of drug related death, and in 1999 it was. Now there is a new statistic, heroin and opioid overdoses have become the leading cause of drug related death in the United States killing 10,574 people in 2014. While cocaine actually dropped and only killed 5.415 people in the same year. This is a 439% jump in heroin related deaths according to Chris and Dons article from PBS (2016). This rapidly growing cause of death is affecting the lives of many …show more content…
People throughout America see the effects of this drug every day but facts about the drug itself are relatively unknown it seems to most people and children. Heroin-related deaths jumped up 39% from 2012-13 according to an article from the New York Times (2015). It is also commonly believed that heroin is only used in low class and nonwhite Americans. But that is not the case anymore. According to New York Times 90% first time users are white and “Prior to the 1980s, whites and nonwhites were equally represented among first-time heroin users. But that’s changed as heroin use has expanded across other parts of the country” (2015). It also is surprising that it is also a lot of white upper-class that try heroin and get addicted more often than not anymore. This is not just in big cities and heavily populated areas. This includes a place that is close to …show more content…
One of the main concerns with heroin is how highly addictive it is, even just after one use. Then with regular heroin usage, a tolerance to the drug develops according to the Heroin Addiction Information (2013). Tolerance is when your body starts to get use to the drug and the feelings associated with the high. There is a saying that your first high will always be your best because they just go downhill from there. This is your body building up a tolerance to the substance and make you want to use more and more until you overdose. If you don’t use it once you start to feel the need to and you can’t get the high you need you will start to feel withdrawal

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