The Effects Of Climate Change On The Earth Essay

1996 Words Nov 25th, 2014 null Page
If global warming were a bush, the people and politicians of the world have been beating around it for more than a century. While aware that the earth is slowly heating up, already by .8°C since 1880 when scientists began keeping reliable record, little has been done to control it. But is this scale of temperature control even within human capabilities? Some claim that climate change is merely Earth 's natural agenda and that humans couldn 't control it if we wanted, while others believe it is a direct result of human activity. Whatever the case may be, Earth is warming at a substantial rate and humans must decide if action should be taken, or if Earth 's climate should be left alone to run its course. For the past few million years of Earth’s history, the planet has been dominated by cycles of glacial ice. These periods of deep freeze only momentarily cycle to warmer climates before Earth refreezes back into an icy snowball. When I say momentarily, I am speaking in terms of Earth’s entire 4 billion year history so thousands of years only make up a "momentary" percentage. Interglacial periods, as these warm breaks are referred to, have lasted between 15,000 and 20,000 years in past occurrences, while glacial periods last approximately 100,000. Since the end of the most recent glacial period 18,000 years ago, Earth’s average temperature has risen approximately 8.8°C or 16°F (Geocraft). Sea levels have also risen some 300 feet as the once massive…

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