The Effects Of Climate Change On The Environment Essay

1253 Words Dec 7th, 2015 null Page
As may have already been noticed by now there have been a few trends displayed in regards to the contributing factors of these environmental issues. These trends are population increase and influence as well as fossil fuel dependency within technology. While the effects of climate change have progressed further than they should have, the effects aren’t necessarily irreparable. Solutions have been proposed, some of which have been placed into effect and have shown signs of potential. Beginning with environmental welfare support groups, these groups have become involved within the “Ecology Movement”. The lecture notes touch on this subject, “Today the term “ecology movement” is associated often with the more moral, more confrontational, and more rigorous stance taken by Greenpeace and other groups, e.g. Earth First, Earth Action, Sea Shepherd in favor of the Precautionary Principle and strong fundamental preventive measures for biosafety, biosecurity and biodiversity. The methods of these groups often involve the idea of ‘Direct action’” (Class Notes, Lecture 10 Part 1). These particular organizations shed light on environmental issues and provide education regarding such subjects. Education is the starting point for impacting a large movement on a smaller scale by reaching individuals throughout the world. Public education is an important resource for when environmental acts are proposed; people are aware of what is being discussed and voted on. People are also able to…

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