The Effects Of Climate Change On The Environment Essay

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While the increasing world population stimulates an increase in demand for resources, human activities have been changing the makeup of the atmosphere, damaging the environment which provides those resources. Common practices such as burning fossil fuels and removing forests have released unprecedented amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, resulting in a worldwide increase in temperatures referred to as climate change. This increase in heat alters water cycles, effecting significant changes in the availability of fresh water. In addition, abnormal temperatures can disrupt the variety of plants and animals in ecosystems as well as weaken agricultural productivity. As a catalyst for climate change, overpopulation contributes to this increase in carbon dioxide levels and heat temperatures in America, potentially reducing the nation’s ability to provide itself water and food.
By nature of how climate change is caused, higher temperatures hold a positive correlation with population increase. Temperatures rise as the result of greenhouse gases, namely carbon dioxide and water vapor, being released into the atmosphere in large quantities; after release into the atmosphere, these gases trap heat that is reflected off the surface of the earth. This reflective strength develops as more and more greenhouse gases are released. Because human activities are leading causes of carbon dioxide release, the concentration of the gas has been increasing over time. In 1950, carbon dioxide,…

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