The Effects Of Climate Change On The Earth 's Atmosphere Essay

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A large majority of environmental scientists, professors, conservationists, engineers, and, in many cases, the average civilian, has realized the potential of disaster that can be caused by the rapidly-changing climate within the Earth’s atmosphere, expressing this in speeches and writings. Doing this, they are right, as one day we will witness the effects, which this paper will explain, caused by our own daily actions and the actions of other beings, including “Mother Nature”. Climate is defined as the analysis of accumulated weather data for long term patterns and trends. The Oxford Reference Dictionary defines change as, "To make or become different." Global Climate change is therefore defined as "long-term weather patterns and trends becoming different over an extended period of time around the Earth." This signifies that if the average temperature in Visalia, California during the extent of the 20th century was significantly higher or lower than the average temperature in Visalia, California during the 21st century, that climate change has occurred. Global climate change can occur because of, both, natural and unnatural causes. Examples of natural causes of global climate change are volcanic eruptions, variations in Earth’s orbit around the sun, and variations in solar output. Examples of human-induced causes of global climate change include industrial pollutants, combustion of fossil fuels, increase in average annual temperature due to increased…

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