The Effects Of Climate Change On The World Essay

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The earth is home to many men and women who use the land and environment to survive. Whether it be from third world countries where the only food available is the food you plant for yourself, to highly industrialized countries such as America where farms package your food and ship them around the nation. The environment serves as the foundation to human survival. The earth gives so much and asks so little in return. Ironically, men and women all around the world are responsible for the depletion of this vital planet. There are many things that are caused by the wastefulness and carelessness of humans, but climate change is one of the more immediate threats. The effects of climate change throughout the world is a serious issue, however, people disregard its severity and the affects that it 's having on humanity and all the life that flourishes on earth. If nothing is done to help slow the ever changing environment the results could be catastrophic. Simply changing your routine could save generations of people from living on a barren earth.
Climate change is one of the biggest overlooked issues that the world is facing today. In a 2013 study only 63 percent of Americans thought global warming was affecting Americans (Brownlee 1134). “Data also show that a majority of U.S. counties remain unconvinced that global warming is caused “mostly by human activities.” Majorities in a whopping 2,717 of 3,143 counties (nearly 80 percent) disagree with that sentiment” ( Holthaus 1). The…

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