Essay about The Effects Of Climate Change On The United States

2075 Words Nov 11th, 2016 9 Pages
Climate change and its link to increased terrorist activity will directly and indirectly affect the United States in the next ten years, while also intentionally or not, helping to lay the foundation for climate change and increased terrorist activity to become one of the most pressing security challenges that the United States will face in the coming years and beyond the next decade.

From the shores of Easter Island all the way to the catastrophic world environmental events like Hurricane Katrina and extreme drought, the world and the environment has been facing unparalleled effects from climate change that have only continued to extend further and further. Climate change is rising up to be one of the key security threats in the 21st century for not only America but also all across the globe. Climate change threatens to go against counter-terrorism efforts made diplomatically and internationally by the United States. Not only will climate change affect more than just the environment and it will be a non human helper in moving whole populations of disenfranchised peoples toward the influences and ideologies of terrorist groups. Though it will not be totally actualized in ten years, the ramifications of deteriorating conditions in the climate will keep affecting the global landscape and have already produced conditions that have led to non environmental effects. With the climate change related increase in terrorist activities and sympathies, the United States will be…

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