The Effects Of Climate Change On Global Warming Essay example

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Storms are another problem of global warming. Similar to diseases, storms are caused by dramatic climate change. This climate change is different from the type that causes diseases because climate change that causes storms happens in the sea. These rising sea temperatures intensify violent storms. PBS’s video on global warming explains this better. The video describes the El Niño Southern Oscillation as a system that “sets a pattern for much of the world’s climate”; when El Niño’s happen, trade winds weaken allowing the warm water to be pushed back to South America. This reverse movement causes changes in weather patterns. In some places it increases the rain, such as, Colan in 1983. In the video, one of the people from Colan explains that the ocean level went up fifty-five centimeters for two months, which means in two to three months it rained the amount it normally would have rained in twenty-five years. It caused lots of flooding and destroyed the beach. El Niño’s are happening more frequently now, and this is due to dramatic climate change caused by excess CO2 in the atmosphere. Not only do these storms cause problems and damage to land, they also hurt people and affect resources.
Extreme weather is increasing, especially heat waves, floods, and storms, which results in an increasing loss of human life and injuries due to natural disasters caused by climate change. The determinants of health, such as quality and quantity of foods, water resources, and ecological…

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