The Effects Of Climate Change On Global Warming Essay

1121 Words Nov 10th, 2015 5 Pages
Stewart Negron At this point in time, the world has reached a point of no return climatically and the impacts of “Global Warming” are inevitable. Given current atmospheric research, climate change is proven to be a true, unnatural feedback caused by human activity. Due to the medias selective exposure of climate change information, specifically of the skeptic views of the topic, society has not grasped global warming as a current and vital issue. Additionally, the refusal to join climate protection programs by the United States government gave civilians no incentive to act on the issue. At this point, the public needs to make climate change a priority over capita and economics before Mother Nature’s fury catches up. The debate is over and action must take place. Society must begin to take necessary precautions to reduce human variability to the impacts of climate change.
Years of scientific study and research have been conducted to reach the conclusion that climate is changing due to unnatural anthropogenic factors. The primary cause of climate change is the increased emission of greenhouse gasses by human processes. The most significant greenhouse gasses include carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor and nitrous oxide. In order to understand the effect greenhouse gasses have on the earth, one must comprehend how energy enters and exits the atmosphere. The sun constantly emits short wave radiation. This radiation can be dangerous to human health in large quantities, causing…

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