Essay about The Effects Of Climate Change On Earth 's Climate

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Throughout the past the heating of Earth’s climate has always been fluctuating naturally. Although it has always warmed this way, it has exceeded its range within the past 3,000 years. Many argue that this is caused by man-made toxic gases in the atmosphere while others argue that man-made gases have little affect on earth’s climate and that there has been hotter years than present day. Despite what people think has caused the heating, data shows there has been a temperature increase in the atmosphere in the past 20th century.
In earth’s atmosphere there’s a specific co2 type gas that can be traced directly from human activity such as the burning of fossil fuels in particular. The burning of fossil fuels is the biggest source of emissions of carbon dioxide which is one of the greenhouse gases contributing to Earth’s climate change.According to the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) isotope measurements conclude that rising levels of CO2 processes is man-made. These CO2 gasses differ from natural processes like volcanic activity, oceanic outgassing or “carbon sinks”. In 2012 the greenhouse gas emissions from humans totaled to 6.5 million metric tons!
The surface temperature on Earth has increased at an incredibly faster rate than what natural climate changes could explain. Lead researcher Richard A. MUller,PhD, said “it appears likely that essentially all of this increase (in terms of temperature) results from the human emission of greenhouse gasses”. We can…

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