The Effects Of Climate Change And Global Warming

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Climate change: global warming will affect the natural water cycle, making the country a huge change in rainfall, resulting in extreme weather, seriously affect the lives of people in developing countries. In Egypt, for example, under the influence of global warming, the rainfall has been reduced gradually and lead to severe drought and crop failure, drought make the people suffering from hunger. Moreover, in some areas due to climate change and rainfall may increase, leading to flooded, it will also make crop failure. Undoubtedly, the people living in poverty in developing countries lack of subsidies to improve agricultural building to cope with climate change, which leads to the case of crop failure prone, people suffering from hunger problems. …show more content…
However, a large amount of felling trees will reduce others trees to absorb carbon dioxide, then greenhouse gases accumulate in the atmosphere, strengthening the greenhouse effect, making the climate became abnormal. Undoubtedly, people in developing countries are based on agriculture for a living; climate change will increase the case crop failure, leading to famine. Therefore, if the people in developed countries are willing to vegetarian, it can reduce the situation of enterprises for profit and cut down trees to relieve the problem of global warming, and reduce the negative impact of extreme weather on developing countries, so that they can maintain their crop yields at normal levels and will not face …show more content…
Because the developed countries food culture deeply rooted, people would not be willing to give up meat habit, and share the food to the developing country. However, with the developed countries maturing education, there is a growing attention to our health, they begin to understand the negative impact of the meat habit on the body, as well as the advantages of vegetarian. Thus, they would be willing to be a vegetarian to reduce food for livestock, so that people in developing countries have access to enough food.

Overall, not only people being vegetarian in developed countries can reduce the grain used to feed livestock, but also people in developing countries get enough food; also reduce the plundering of resources in developed countries to developing countries so that they can have shortage of resources to farming; better alleviate global warming, to avoid the effects of climate change crop yields in developing countries. Thus, people being vegetarian in developed countries can solve the problem of famine in developing

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