The Effects Of Climate And Weather On The Climate Change Essay

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Part A – Climate Change

1. How is climate different from weather? How are climate and weather related?

The major difference between climate and weather is the measure of time. Weather is considered to reflect the conditions of the atmosphere are over a short period of time experiencing it outside every day, and the climate is how the atmosphere behaves relatively over an extended period of time over a specific time frame, breaking it up into weeks, months and years.
Climate and weather are related as they both describe the atmospheric conditions and characteristics of a specific area.

2. What is the greenhouse effect? How is amplified warming different from natural warming?

The greenhouse effect is a natural process warming up the Earth 's surface. The greenhouse effect happens when the Sun 's energy reaches the Earth 's atmosphere, getting reflected back to space to be absorbed and also is re-radiated by greenhouse gases.
Natural warming and amplified are different as natural warming is caused by the natural greenhouse. The effect of water vapour and carbon dioxide, allowing heat not to escape into the atmosphere. While as amplified warming is caused by the accelerated or even greenhouse effect of extra carbon dioxide that humans are releasing into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas.

3. What factors are most responsible for significant changes in the climate? Which of these are natural causes and which are affected by humans?…

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