The Effects Of Classical Conditioning On Humans Essay

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Everyone, absolutely everyone in this entire world has some type of fear on something such as fear of heights, snakes, spiders, darkness, and the list goes on. Some studies have shown that the causes of fear of a certain place, thing or emotion are by experience. A person has to interact with the subject in order to have a positive or negative stimulus in its experience and that would be recorded in his mind, in order to know how to interact with it in the future. By the experimenting how fear has an impact on humans, scientists and psychologists can understand how the experience and fear related to each other. Based on John Watson, the response is based on the conditioned stimulus. What it tries to say is that by “experience” a person can have a response with the stimulus because it already traced a neural pathway. Classical conditioning is not part of the daily life of a living thing. It can be done in a laboratory as a research for scientists and such. However, classical conditioning can be part in the everyday life, the correct term for it is Higher-order conditioning. Higher-order conditioning is associating the original stimulus with similar ones.
Fear can be classically conditioned on a human by associating stimulus with a disturbing impact. For example, the experiment of Little Albert gave answers to many scientists and psychologists about the stimulus becoming a fear. The unconditioned stimulus was the white rat and Little Albert had an unconditioned response in…

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