The Effects Of Children With Incarcerated Parents Essay

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The effects on children with incarcerated parents.

Social Justice Issue:
Children’s lives are seriously disrupted when parents are incarcerated. Working in the child welfare field, I see this first hand. I see the effects of when one or both parents are incarcerated. Sometimes child removal is warranted. Other times, case management services are warranted to ensure that the family has services in place to prevent high risk situations. There are a high number of children whom are overlooked in the child welfare system when parents are incarcerated due to friends or families members stepping in to care for these vulnerable children.

The effects on the children vary in so many different circumstances. Studies have shown according to Kampfner, “children have a variety of behavioral, psychological, and educational problems”. Children all respond in different ways, including sadness, excessive crying, depression, diminished school performance, truancy, disciplinary problems, alcohol and other drug use, running away and sometime aggressive behaviors. Of course, all children respond in different ways these were just a few that stuck out to me in several different throughout my experience as a caseworker. (Kampfner, 1995).

The majority of incarcerated mothers of minor children were the primary caregivers for their children prior to confinement. Studies of prison and jail inmates have found that about 70% of female inmates with children had lived with their children…

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