The Effects Of Children, Teens And Adults On Post Traumatic Natural Disasters

1717 Words Dec 8th, 2016 7 Pages
I am studying the psychological effects of children, teens and adults towards post traumatic natural disasters. Because I want to examine how these specific groups respond to trauma in or after natural disasters, to discuss how the psychological effects from natural disasters affect kids, teens and adults I must research how trauma in the past dead’s the emotion of trauma in the present.
Using the film The Day After Tomorrow, I will sharpen in on examples of grief and trauma and explain those examples to generate a theory on how pain and suffering affect people in the environment. I will also use information from outside research to explain in more detail on why children, teens and adults respond the way they do following a disaster or after. Right now, I will be focusing on the alertness of the many events happening in the movie, the loss of friends and families, and at the end when the main character’s family is together again. I will look at these moments and specifically analyze how trauma and loss alter how people respond to climate change. I will also look at how certain events that has happened changes an individual, and how trauma is displayed in a character’s relationship to the anthropogenic environment. By the end of this research, I hope to put out the main concerns of how these issues work to support a general idea of understanding an anthropogenic world.
The cost of living in the Anthropocene is very crucial and important. Some may ask what Anthropocene is;…

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