Essay The Effects Of Childhood Sexual Abuse On Children

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For most kids, childhood consists of feeling carefree and having fun. For others, it can be a time of torture and sadness. Childhood sexual abuse victims experience emotional and physical damage that can last throughout their lives. Childhood sexual abuse has an impact on an enormous number of people worldwide, regardless of gender, and the trauma and agony can continue on into adulthood.
Childhood sexual abuse might be defined as a child forced to take part in any sexual act with an adult. Another definition could be one person having control over another and exploiting them by using sexual activity or suggesting it. (Hall 1) Sexual abuse does not only include direct touch but can consist of different forms. Being forced to take pornographic photos, getting presented pornography prematurely, or experiencing assault by the perpetrator over the internet are all examples of sexual abuse. (Duncan 2) Perpetrators take the feeling of safety away from the victims, especially when they force the children not to speak about the abuse. Children may feel rigid, scared, and lack sensation during the abuse. While the abuse goes on, and even afterwards, the victims experience emotional shock. (16-17)
Considering the abuse has the power to scar victims for life, it should definitely have more awareness. Most people think this abuse does not happen often, but it does. People may think sexual abuse does not happen often, because the abusers of the victims force them not to open up about it.…

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