The Effects Of Childhood Obesity On America Today Essay

833 Words Nov 18th, 2016 4 Pages
Time goes by, traditions change, families grow and some memories fade. I took the time to talk to both of my grandparents about their experiences throughout life and was truly shocked at how different things used to be. They both lit up as they spoke about the happy times and while talking about the tougher times it was evident that they both support and love each other.
My grandfather (Gene) was born in Keene, Kentucky on June 21, 1934; he remembers playing cowboys and Indians with his friends and siblings during World War 2. Compared to children now, kids used to always be playing outside while now kid’s eyes are glued to screens. There was a study done in 2012 that studied 8,950 children, only 51 percent of those children were reported to go outside to walk or play at least once a day. The other 49 percent of kids are stuck inside eyes fascinated onto a screen watching television or playing games. This disappointing statistic is evidence to the cause of child obesity in America today. Without the addiction of technology, the siblings were constantly playing with each other and talking which led to them becoming very close. The saying “boys will be boys” was his mother’s favorite way to describe him and his friends due to how reckless and mischievous they constantly were. When the Garrison bunch of kids got into trouble, their parents never laid a finger on them, all punishment was verbal; their parents would use words to make them feel guilty about their actions. Gene…

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